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Category: Editorial

Leopold & Felix for Nk-Stil.

Some more of my pics of Lykke Li for Rodeo.








Michaela in Ann-Sofie Back for BON-Magazine.

Billie and Eddie at the Chateau, for Contributormagazine.

Styled by B Åkerlund.

Lykke Li for Rodeo magazine.

For Contributormag.

Shot with Nikon D3X.

Noomi Rapace again.

Shot with Nikon D3x.


Alexander Skarsgård at Chateau Marmont.

Shot with Nikon D3x

New Issue of Livraison out soon.

Im contributing in the new issue of beautiful publication Livraison. Out soon and very much awaited.


Found this, I shot it some years ago.

Caroline W for Glamour.

Shot with Nikon D3x

Picture of my father for Artlover.

The article claims my moms name is Lotta which is wrong. My mom is Simone and no one else. In case anyone is dying to know…

Noomi Rapace for Bon.

Camera: Nikon D3x

Auction for Haiti.

From today Rodeomagazine holds an auction to help bring in money for Haiti. Amongst the stuff you can bid on is Peter Bjorn and Johns drums from “Young folks”, Andreas Kleerups signed guitar, Dungens hat, a beautiful hand-stitched dress by Sandra Backlund, one of my signed prints from Afghanistan: “Mountains of Kabul”, and lots more. The money will be given to The Red Cross.

Lulu. The Dragon.

Inc: Bleckan, Make: Nina B, Hair: Ali P

Lulu again. Theres more coming, still working on them.

After closingtime at the fair.

Bild 98

Its so close to where the wild things are.

Bild 24

There was fire below and snow atop. There were the gentle whales, the sweet fruits, and as I was told, death in the shape of a young man on the black rocks. Tousled seaweed and black crabs on his glazed eyes. Empty but still with the surprised look that comes from being shot in the back. After the helicopter came and they took him away, lifting him upwards into the heavens, the crack of thunder and the heavy rain.

More Fever Ray.

One of the Fever Ray Shots. In the Guardian today.

Bild 66

Today Im working with amazing Fever Ray. Happy.

Fever Ray.


Bild 36

NK-Stil. The New Issue.