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Tag: Hawaii

From my Hitchhikerseries.

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I dont remember his name. He had been living on the rocky beach for a long time. He had his tent and all his belongings with him and he was smoking an unlit joint soaked in Grand Marnier.

Its so close to where the wild things are.

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There was fire below and snow atop. There were the gentle whales, the sweet fruits, and as I was told, death in the shape of a young man on the black rocks. Tousled seaweed and black crabs on his glazed eyes. Empty but still with the surprised look that comes from being shot in the back. After the helicopter came and they took him away, lifting him upwards into the heavens, the crack of thunder and the heavy rain.

The Volcano.

One night on the island I went to last winter, I got to hang out with Ms F. She lives alone with her dog on top of an active volcano. The landscape up there is surreal, like a small, small dark planet. Vast, black and desolate except for her old trailer and the few greens she planted surrounding it. Imagine the trailer as a small dot in that immense dead terrain. The night sky, with fleeting clouds and still so many visible stars, connecting with the horizon in every direction. It was quiet except for her windchimes, and in the distans, the giant waves hitting rocky shores far beneath the plateau. And the huge cloud of fire. Erupting constantly. The magic of that night.

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