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Tag: Nikon D3X

For Contributormag.

Shot with Nikon D3X.

Noomi Rapace again.

Shot with Nikon D3x.

Alexander Skarsgård at Chateau Marmont.

Shot with Nikon D3x

Bonne Anniversaire, Grattis, Mazal Tov!!!

Happy 80th birthday Grandpa! I wish you an amazing day! Heres a text I wrote about my grandpa that I have posted before but today I want to post it again:

At cousin Ls beautiful wedding, day before yesterday. He and Grandma flew in for the occasion. They are the coolest people I know. Wish I saw them more often. Grandpa. Sometimes, if Im stressed about something I think of what hes done.. He made it through the shoa and he grew up and became a surgeon and went to work all around the world and he saved lives in the most horrible conditions imaginable. Afghanistan, Cambodia, Guinea Bisau etc. Hes a real hero. Puts things in perspective.

Auction at Bukowskis.

On the 29th of March 2010 Bukowskis in Stockholm will hold an auction to raise money for hiv-awareness and for medicinal and psychosocial research on hiv. Selected artists, photographers and illustrators have donated pieces that you can bid on. I will be donating this signed and framed , limited edition print from my hitchikerseries.

Camera: Nikon D3x

Noomi Rapace for Bon.

Camera: Nikon D3x

From my Hitchhikerseries.

Bild 63

I dont remember his name. He had been living on the rocky beach for a long time. He had his tent and all his belongings with him and he was smoking an unlit joint soaked in Grand Marnier.

One of the Fever Ray Shots. In the Guardian today.

Bild 66



The albumcover I did for Kent. Shot with my Nikon D3X. Dopest girl Dora Kovács! The album will be released on November 6th.